Cool Pearls: The Forever Gemstone

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Cool Pearls: The Forever Gemstone


Cool Pearls: The Forever Gemstone

Jul 01, 2021

Pearls have never really left the jewellery spotlight. A rich history, available in diverse styles, and of a fascinating appearance – the Pearl has everything going for it. Never out of style, Pearls have experienced a renaissance in the last decade. Interesting fashion trends have helped this versatile gemstone cast off the cliched image as a grandmother’s jewellery staple.


While previously not many of the younger generation flaunted the classic single-strand Pearl necklace, now this gem has been reinvented for a fashionably fluid new generation. From layered chains of Pearls, to bohemian Pearl and gemstone necklaces, to the perennial favourite, the single-strand, in upgraded avatars – Pearls have grown to become the newest style celebrity.

The many possibilities of Pearls

The sustainability issue has rightfully followed the world of fashion into the jewellery industry. Recycled, cultured, and lab-created Pearls don’t compromise style or environmental conservation, however using vintage and sustainably grown natural Pearls are also good choices for the environment. Modern Pearl jewellery has beautifully embraced this trend to deliver playful, stylish pieces that feel more contemporary than ever! Pearls remain an essential accessory albeit with varied modern twists in the design.


Consider artistic inspirations with baroque Pearls as they reflect their characteristic irregularities in different silhouettes for pendants, drop-shaped dangle earrings, or elegantly long statement earrings. The shades of pale pink and glorious white in contrasting shapes can create a chic style statement.

Floral inspirations with Pearls have gained quite a cult following. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and Pearl-on-Pearl designs produce a refreshing effect. This gem has always open to inspired references. Simple or elaborate, bold lines and playful pairing with gemstones or even colourful glass give birth to playful designs.


Historical inspirations also play a key role in the concept of modern Pearl jewellery. Whether Victorian or Art Deco, the design idea receives a fresh interpretation so as to be translated into something unconventional. A pair of mismatched Pearl earrings is a lovely way to wear vintage Pearl jewellery.

The many shades of Pearls

Freshwater, Tahitian, Japanese Akoya, South Sea, Hanadama – the varieties of Pearls are surprisingly diverse. Pearls are available beyond the vanilla white hue that we are most familiar with. Both in their natural and cultivated forms, these gems occur in a varied range of colours.


The familiar shades are cream and white, but silver, grey, and black are reasonably common. However, the palette of colours in Pearls extends to every imaginable hue. The body-colour frequently includes additional colour tones which are usually pinkish, blue, green and even purple. Some particular specimens also show an iridescent colour phenomenon called Pearl Orient.      

Beyond Pearl necklaces

Designers have innovated to move beyond the beloved Pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces continue to be a cool essential jewellery piece for powerful women. From politicians to entrepreneurs – the feminine string or layers of Pearls have created many a statement look.


These gems have been used for earrings, rings, and bracelets for the modern woman who is unafraid to take her stand, speak her mind, and shake up the rules. Pearls are the new go-to for the woman who respects tradition, but isn’t restrained by it.  

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