Karina Tanzanite, Diamond and Ruby Ring

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Coloured Gems

Karina Tanzanite, Diamond and Ruby Ring

  • $18,000.00

Reminiscent of a glass castle, this magnificent piece is as royal as it gets. The Karina ring features a 9 carat electric blue tanzanite gemstone set on clear quartz with hot pink rubies and diamonds. The most sought after member of the zoisite mineral family, the tanzanite gemstone is known for its royal blue colour. In this ring, the famous blue colour is juxtaposed with bright pink rubies, creating a majestic piece of art fit for royalty.

Contemporary jewellery at its best, when metals are done away with and the purity of gemstones shines through. Tanzanite is affixed atop a crystal-clear piece of quartz, appearing to magically float thanks to the state-of-the-art ‘invisible’ setting. Complemented by an octagon of hot pink rubies, the contrast against the electric blue central stone makes for a ring that was born to turn heads.

Reference No.: RN2900


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