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Let us take you on a journey to create a perfectly personal piece of jewellery
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Our Services

Our Services

Buying Diamonds & Precious Stones

With three decades of industry presence, we are your experts in navigating the bright world of gems.

Jewellery Consultation

Allow us to walk you through the joys of discovering a particular stone, the design of a precious gift and the deep knowledge of gemmology.

Jewellery Redesign & Resetting

Update that something precious with a different style, setting or purpose.

Jewellery Styling

Let our experts recommend the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your style and looks.

Precious Momentos

Thoughtful gifts to mark the continuing success of working with your most discerning partners and clients.

Jewellery Insurance Liaison

We can also connect you to agents and enablers covering all kinds of jewellery protection.

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