High jewellery continues to be in vogue

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High jewellery continues to be in vogue 


High jewellery continues to be in vogue 

Jan 10, 2022

Even before the Christie’s Maharajah Auction took place, it was believed that the collection would break all records. The Maharajas and Mughal Magnificence sale featured some of the most stunning and extensive collection of Indian and India-inspired high-jewellery pieces expected to surpass the sale of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels. In short, this was a landmark event in the world of high jewellery and took the auction space by storm.

The auction featured a range of jewellery dating back as much as 500 years. It included antique pieces along with contemporary designs inspired by Indian jewellery. These were from the house of Cartier, Mauboussin, Joel Arthur Rosenthal, and Cartier. 

As expected, the auction did not disappoint and reflected the demand for high jewellery. 

Around 400 lots were put up for the auction. The collection included a magnificent Golconda diamond Riviere necklace sold for a whopping $2.4 million. A diamond turban ornament was sold for $1.8 million. A Belle Epoque devant-de-corsage by Cartier raked in the highest amount of $10.6 million. There were many more records in terms of sales. The Shah Jahan dagger fetched $3.3 million. 

The high jewellery business brings unique pieces to the fore. Most priced at several million dollars, it displays fine artistry, but there has been a definite shift in its clientele. The noted jewellery houses have been vying for the attention of the younger and technologically savvy generation.

The jewellery houses have been trying to cater to the demand for high jewellery in Asia and the Middle East. Today, younger generations have different expectations and demands for high jewellery. The choices and expectations are in contrast to the earlier generations. It is not easy as these collections take several years of planning to pick the right gems, which are then exquisitely crafted.

Lately, there has been a change in the way the houses present the classic collections. The erstwhile collections were mostly stone-centric while the newer versions embody some bold experiments that challenge the concepts of heirloom. There has been a conscious effort to incorporate modern elements and materials that one would hardly expect to be part of such a vintage collection. 

The incorporation of young talent into the jewellery houses has led to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Though they have an eye to spot the rare gems and vintage collections, there is always an effort to give these pieces a new dimension with the addition of some new element or the other. 

Jewellery is one of the fastest-growing markets in the luxury goods space. Though the pandemic put brakes on the jewellery industry like any other industry with store closures and cancellation of significant events, there has been a sea change in the way jewellers are showcasing their collections. If things continue this way, people will likely make more big-ticket purchases than they did five years back. 

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