How to redesign old jewellery pieces

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How to redesign old jewellery pieces


How to redesign old jewellery pieces

Jan 10, 2022

If someone has gifted you a family heirloom or suppose you come across an old-fashioned piece of jewellery while going through your jewellery box, what would you do if you feel that item does not suit you? Luckily you don’t have to store it back in the box, leaving it there to collect dust, you can redesign your old jewellery and reuse it in many possible ways. 

First things first

While redesigning old jewellery, the first thing you need to do is examine the piece well. Check what is required to modify it. Here are some suggestions.

Change the colour

In case the colour of your jewellery does not lure you, then you can alter the appearance of the piece by getting it gold plated with yellow gold, rhodium, or rose gold to get a yellow or whitish appearance.

Change the stones

Suppose you like the look of jewellery but are not fond of the stone, then you can consider replacing the stone to create an extreme change in the appearance of the jewellery. Some opaque gemstones like jade, onyx, and turquoise can make a design look old. 

Change the jewellery type

Jewellery conversion is the process of changing one type of jewellery to another. If you don’t wear a particular pair of earrings, you can use the design for making a ring or even a pendant. You can modify most items into another variety of jewellery. You can become creative about what you wish to do to an already existing piece. You need to take out the old stones and use a new setting to reset them. If the design does not match your taste, you can get creative and reuse the materials. Sketch a jewellery design with your jeweller to experience how an exclusive design gets shaped and produced using the gemstones from the original piece. 

Adjust the jewellery style

Once you have decided how you fancy redesigning your old jewellery, the jeweller will advance with the production process.


The jewellery piece is carefully polished and cleaned and then put into a plating tank. Electric current passes through the tank and causes a chemical reaction. In this way, gold or rhodium is fused to the surface of the jewellery item. This process doesn’t have an effect on the stones in the design.

Replacing the stones 

 The jeweller takes out the original stone from the piece. He or she then sources a new stone using a lapidary. The new stone can be re-cut to fit into the setting if the shape or size is irregular. Once the jeweller gets the new stone, it is set into the original pattern and then polished.

Jewellery conversion 

To convert an old jewellery item into a new type of jewellery, the jeweller will first separate the design and the other components. Custom Creation Casting is the process for those who dislike the style of the current design. The jeweller uses 3D modelling software to make a cast for the new design.

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