Meet our friends: Dawn Sim says a bespoke jewellery piece ‘warmed her heart’

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Meet our friends: Dawn Sim says a bespoke jewellery piece ‘warmed her heart’


Meet our friends: Dawn Sim says a bespoke jewellery piece ‘warmed her heart’

Jan 10, 2023

We love celebrating when our customers are happy about their new The Jewel Box jewellery piece. The lovely Dawn Sim, one of Singapore’s best known mums, business owners and fitness experts, recently showed off her latest piece from us.

The first ‘serious’ piece of jewellery Dawn bought was actually for her mother: “It was a pendant for my mother with a sapphire. She's always loved sapphires and has a small collection of jewellery [featuring this gemstone]. So I bought it for her for her birthday when I was 21,” explains Dawn.

The Jewel Box Singapore Dawn Sim interview 1

The Jewel Box Sugar Pop ring looks fantastic on Dawn Sim. Image: Dawn Sim

Dawn, who is also known as “that mom of four” due to her popular website and Instagram account, loves fine jewellery, particularly a pair of diamond earrings she wears daily.

“My favourite piece of jewellery would have to be my diamond earrings which I wear the most often - even when I'm teaching - as they never get in the way of my movement or sport, yet adds a feminine touch to my #ootd,” Dawn says.

“I love white gold and sapphires. White gold because I prefer the colour and sapphires because it reminds me of my mother and brings back fond memories. It also makes me think of the ocean which I love.”

As for the most sentimental jewellery piece she owns, Dawn says it is something her husband gave her.

“The ring my husband gave me after we had been together for 25 years. He was based overseas at the time but got my children to sneakily measure the size of my finger and had the ring custom made so that he could give it to me when I visited him in the US a few years ago. The effort and the intention warmed my heart,” says Dawn.

It might seem that Dawn has all the fine jewellery she desires, but everyone can still have a dream. Dawn’s dream jewellery piece is “a necklace that represents family. I’m not sure what that will look like though. But it will remind me of my four kids and my husband and I.”

For more information about Dawn Sim and her fitness and well-being activities, go to, or follow her on Instagram at @thatmomoffour.

If you are interested in having your own bespoke personalised jewellery piece made, contact our atelier on +65 6733 4100 to book an appointment or email