Meet our friends: Sara-Ann K likes her jewellery to be subtle, but still able to make a statement

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Meet our friends: Sara-Ann K likes her jewellery to be subtle, but still able to make a statement


Meet our friends: Sara-Ann K likes her jewellery to be subtle, but still able to make a statement

Jan 19, 2023

Sara-Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy, better known as Sara-Ann K, has been one of Singapore’s most popular and prolific faces in the local media industry. She is a journalist, presenter, host, singer, songwriter, actress and mother. Sara-Ann is also beautiful, and well versed in being professionally glamorous; she is someone who is used to wearing ballgowns and fabulous fine jewellery.

Sara-Ann’s introduction to fine jewellery came from her mother who bought her a pair of diamond stud earrings for her 21st birthday: “I wore them without taking them off for years,” says Sara-Ann.

“[Now] the items I never take off are my diamond engagement ring and my wedding band. They’re almost one with my hand. I don’t think I’d recognize my hand without them anymore.”

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Sara-Ann has a very sentimental bent when it comes to her fine jewellery collection; it is the story behind a piece of jewellery that makes it important to her. Her most sentimental pieces of jewellery are both from her parents.

“Either a gold bracelet my parents bought for me after I did well in PSLE - because that was the first and only piece of jewellery I have received from both my parents; or a ruby ring my mom gave me from her collection - her name is Ruby - so it’s special to me.”

As someone who obviously holds tightly to her most sentimental jewellery pieces, Sara-Ann is surprisingly not tied to a particular precious metal.

“I’m not attached to metals, because different ones look different on a person, and it depends on what I’m wearing or the gems that are set with it,” she explains.

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When it comes to precious and semiprecious gemstones, Sara-Ann seems to love them all too, finding it hard to choose a favourite.

“I am partial to tanzanite! But for someone who loves tanzanite I’ve actually never bought any big pieces. I like a good morganite too. 

“I own lots of topaz and have a watermelon tourmaline set that is set very simply that I adore because it’s classic with a twist. Who can forget the blues on a good Santa Maria aquamarine? Oh gosh, I honestly can’t decide.

 “I think I’m only not fond of amethysts and peridots.”

When asked if she has a dream jewellery piece, Sara-Ann isn’t sure: “Honestly I’m not sure. Maybe I haven’t seen it yet. But something that is probably modular and multi-wear, can be subtle, but dressed up to make a statement.”

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