Navigating Ring Size Chart in Singapore

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Navigating Ring Size Chart in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide


Navigating Ring Size Chart in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Mar 21, 2024

The perfect ring! Choosing the right one is a vital part of any significant life event, may it be an engagement, wedding or simply a gift to cherish love and commitment. Understanding the importance of ring sizes is essential to ensure a perfect fit and avoid any disenchantment that may occur when unfit ones are chosen. 

Whether you’re planning to get a diamond ring for engagement or wedding bands of sizes 12 and 15, knowing the exact ring size and ring size chart in Singapore is crucial. In this guide, we’ll delve into the nuances of ring size charts in mm, providing unmatched insights and tips 
to help you in your ring shopping. 

Understanding ring sizes:

What can be harder than choosing the ideal ring to express your love? If you say “How to find the ideal ring?”, you’re not alone! And measuring the size of a ring is not rocket science. The only challenge is to understand how ring sizes are measured. They are typically measured as a numerical measurement, denoting the diameter or circumference of the ring in millimetres. There is a significant difference between the U.S. ring size and Singaporean ring size. Here in Singapore, ring sizes are commonly measured using the standard metric system.  

Ring size chart for men and women:

Ring Size Chart in Singapore

The Jewel Box’s ring size chart for men and women follows the ring size chart in mm that mirrors the Hong Kong sizing convention, which is regarded as the standard convention across most Asian countries. Our size chart comes with self-explanatory instructions on how to get the right diameter of your ring finger. Nevertheless, we also have an international conversion chart to help you in finding the ideal size. 

Ring Size Chart in Singapore:

Inner Diameter (mm)  Hong Kong / Singapore Size            U.S Size          
13.2 4 2
13.6 5 2.5
14.1 6 3
14.3 7 3.25
14.7 8 3.75
14.9 9 4
15.3 10 4.5
15.7 11 5
16.1 12 5.5
16.5 13 6
16.7 14 6.25
17.1 15 6.75
17.3 16 7
17.7 17 7.5
18.2 18 8
18.5 19 8.5
18.8 20 9
19.1 21 9.25
19.4 22 9.5
19.8 23 10
20.2 24 10.5
20.6 25 11
21 26 11.5
21.2 27 12

Common ring sizing methods in Singapore:

  • Ring Sizing Tools at Jewellery Stores: In Singapore, many jewellery shops have special tools to measure the accurate size of the finger. These tools ideally include a set of metal or plastic rings of various sizes, allowing the customers to try on different sizes till they find their perfect fit.
  • Printable Ring Sizers: Some online jewellery stores offer printable ring sizers on their website that can be used at home. These ring size charts in mm are usually downloadable templates that can be printed on paper and are used to measure the circumference of the finger. A set of instructions will also be attached explaining how to use the sizer and interpret the measurements. 
  • String or Paper Method: This is the simplest method of all. The method involves wrapping a piece of paper or string around the ring finger and marking the point where it overlaps. The length of the paper or string then can be measured and compared with the ring size chart in Singapore or the U.S ring size chart to determine the ideal size. 
  • Ring Sizing Apps: With the increasing spread of smartphones, some retailers offer ring sizing apps that use augmented reality or other technologies to measure the size of the ring finger. 

Regardless of the method, it is crucial to take time to determine the correct ring size by the ring size chart in Singapore

Practical tips for finding the ideal ring size:

  • Measure at the right time: Fingers might swell slightly throughout the day, especially in warm or humid weather. So, to get accurate measurements, it is better to measure the ring size later in the day. 
  • Consider temperature fluctuations: It is important to note that the temperature changes can affect your finger size. In air-conditioned environments, your fingers may be slightly smaller when compared to outdoor warmer temperatures. It is best to measure your finger size in a climate-controlled environment.
  • Account for knuckle size: If you have larger knuckles, you may need to choose a size slightly larger than your actual size. This is to ensure that the ring slides comfortably over the knuckle still fitting your finger perfectly.
  • Measure multiple times: To ensure accuracy, measure your finger size multiple times using different methods like the ones we discussed above. This will help in identifying any discrepancies and provide a more accurate measurement.
  • Consider the ring style: Certain ring styles such as wide bands or intricate designs may have different ring size charts for men and women than simple designs. Keep the width and shape of the ring in consideration while choosing the appropriate size to ensure the ideal fit. 

Finding the ideal ring size is an important feature of ring shopping. By understanding the size charts in Singapore and the U.S. ring size you can choose your ideal fit. 

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement, wedding band or special occasion, The Jewel Box is your perfect place where each piece of jewellery is crafted with precision and passion.