Joshua Tagua Nut and Diamond Ring

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Joshua Tagua Nut and Diamond Ring

  • $1,900.00

The earthy, organic beauty of the natural Tagua Nut is tainted a vivid blue for the Joshua Tagua Nut and Diamond Ring, reminiscent of the colour of the sea. Dazzling diamonds are set into the Joshua Tagua Nut and Diamond Ring to represent splashes of water. Using alternative materials like Tagua Nut vegetable ivory to make rings such as these is an important way to show that if we want to keep our oceans this blue, our fashion statements can be a political statement too. Tagua Nuts are from the species of palms known as Phytelephasor ivory palms, ivory-nut palms or tagua palms; the scientific name Phytelephas means “plant elephant”, because the seeds can be carved to look like elephant ivory.

Ring Size: 17

Reference No.: RN3327


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