Discover the charm of personalised jewellery

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Discover the charm of personalised jewellery


Discover the charm of personalised jewellery

Sep 14, 2022

We are in an era of individualism and consumers are looking for meaningful jewellery designs – looking to develop a personalised style that reflects their identity, feelings, and way of perceiving the world. 

Personalised jewellery is gaining prominence in terms of personal trends and acceptance thanks to celebrities and fashion influencers making ways to adopt this trend and revolutionize the fashion world.

The significance of personalised jewellery

The desire to denote status, identity and social rank in this age of individualism and personalisation has created a craze for jewellery that offers sentimental appeal. 

There's no denial that jewellery has always been tagged as something 'personal' even when it is not bespoke. But in this climate of mass production, can the definition of personalised jewellery be defined? Does it only mean tailor-made pieces or pieces engraved with a personal message? 

Personalised jewellery design can be about flaunting your initials, name, date, or a word that resonates with your being. Things that empower you to hold onto something deeply connected to you and to help tell your story. As we spot Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, with a pendant necklace with her initials and another with three medals showing the letter 'G', 'C', and 'L' for her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

‘Earscaping’ is a new phenomenon of self-expression

Combining the art and science of decorating your ears has been a popular trend since time immemorial. However, there is something more unique that has paved its way. It is popularly called earscaping, also described as a curated ear-piercing design.  

Earscaping is about curating a selection of earrings that can be featured anywhere on the ear, including the rook, the lobe, the cartilage, and many other pierceable locations. The style creates a salient and eye-catching design pattern personalised to your ear.

Whether you want a fresh piercing or simply some new ear bling, earscaping allows you to reinvent ways to customize your style. It allows you to project your uniqueness with the selection and placement of every piece. 

Zodiac and birthstone jewellery is the top personalised jewellery trend

Lately, the stars and astrological signs are speaking the loudest. People are increasingly seeking spiritual connections, especially after the pandemic. However, it received a significant boost earlier this year with several public figures adopting this new trend. 

Many jewellery designers have been inspired to design zodiac jewellery, keeping in mind how some people see star signs as a way to foretell their future. This ethos is encouraging designers to come up with a plethora of luxurious collections integrating the signs of the zodiac.

The evolution of the sense of smell

Have you ever heard of scented jewellery? The sense of smell with touch and sight has the power to recall imagination, memories, and old sentiments. Jewellers are now trying to combine this magical combination of fragrance and jewellery to encourage personalization and enhance feminism. 

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