We love Butterfly designs and rainbow gemstone jewellery

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We love Butterfly designs and rainbow gemstone jewellery


We love Butterfly designs and rainbow gemstone jewellery

Sep 14, 2022

There is no denying that Mariah Carey, the queen of the 90s brought butterfly prints and bling to the masses. The sensational lady was never without her staple motifs - a butterfly ring or a collar-grazing butterfly necklace. 

Now that trend is back with a bang! The hottest jewellery trends of the year showcase some stunning jewellery pieces. From butterfly collections to rainbow gemstones, the trends trigger a dopamine release to boost your mood, just what we need post-pandemic.

Bold and beautiful butterfly jewellery 

The butterfly symbolises metamorphosis, rebirth, hope, freedom, transformation and the joy of experiencing life – they are a constant symbol of beauty and strength. The relaunch of these fine pieces of jewellery - gold butterfly earrings, diamond-studded butterfly rings, or vibrant butterfly bracelets is sure to take over your wardrobe. 

The eye-catching hues of rainbow gemstones

Rainbow gemstones are a perfect trend for jewellery lovers. They have paved their way into the precious and semi-precious jewellery space making the trend worth it. Jewellery designers and their love for colour are reflected in their work. Their creativity with rainbow gemstones is worth noticing. From stunning rings perfect for stacking to pretty pendants and bracelets, rainbow-inspired jewellery is a fitting symbol of love and unity. 

Research shows that colour is inherently connected to our emotions. While bright and vibrant colours are immediate mood boosters, light and simple colours have a soothing effect on our moods. Jewellery is a form of self-expression and is perhaps one of the best ways to inject joy and colour into our lives. These two jewellery trends have broken the monotony making style statements and accommodating enhanced creativity and innovation with ornaments. 

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